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Virtual Run Club (Warmups, Stretches, & Strength Workouts)

1 Month for $40

Starts on The 1st of Every Month 

For those of you wanting to knock seconds, even minutes off your race time, this program will help you achieve that P.R. If you’re someone that just wants to increase your endurance and learn more about running, this virtual “Run Club” is perfect for you!! This program includes weekly warmup drills, post-run stretches, and strength training videos specific for runners. This program is centered around three things…1)Preventing injuries by building strength in runner’s primary muscles-glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, core. 2)Increase your endurance, grit, power, strength, and speed to help you run stronger & faster for longer. 3)Push you harder than you would push yourself on your own.


Weekly video of warm-up drills to do before your runs

Weekly video of post-run stretches to incorporate after your runs

2 Strength workout videos each week that are designed specifically for runners

1 Core workout video each week that will increase your core strength

1-2 Videos each week covering running topics (Injuries, nutrition, foam rolling, etc.)


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