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Workplace Wellness Program


Health is wealth…A workplace health program is a worthwhile investment for companies and their employees. Research shows that a well-designed, comprehensive worksite health program gives businesses a positive return on investment (ROI). Besides saving on medical care costs, the value of adding a health program for your employees includes: higher employee morale, increased productivity, and increased employee satisfaction as well as retention. This online wellness program will help get employees off on the right foot to leading healthier lifestyles. Having a video workout sent to them everyday that they can do in the comfort of their own home for less than $1 per day makes it almost impossible for employees to pass up. This program is designed to give the participants the structure they need, the support they desire, and the knowledge to begin a wellness journey that can change their future.

Not only does this program include daily workout videos led by a Certified Personal Trainer, but it also includes weekly grocery list & meal plans to help with nutrition, as well as an online community that is supportive & motivating. The video workouts can be done anytime, anywhere and are for all fitness levels (beginner to advanced).

This program is convenient, cost-effective, and valuable to the participants as well as the company as a whole. In order to qualify for the business rate, 6 or more employees must sign up for 3 months minimum. To sign up for the $25 business rate, please click on the link below.

Click Here To Sign Up For 3 Months of Online Wellness Program

List Of Businesses That Qualify For Business Rate Of 20% Off

In order for your business to qualify, 6 or more employees must sign up