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Personalized Run Coaching

  $30 Weekly

If you are looking to run your FIRST or FASTEST race this year, my personalized training plan will get you to your P.R. Whether you are a new runner looking to achieve a new distance, or a seasoned runner looking to run a better time, I’ll provide a weekly training plan, phone/email support, and accountability to help you accomplish your goals. By working with a Certified Run Coach, you’ll boost your speed & endurance, you’ll avoid injury & overtraining, and most importantly, you’ll achieve your race goal.

What’s Included

A phone consultation to establish goals & baseline

A tailored weekly training plan based on your goals

Weekly correspondence via email & phone

Strength training & core workout videos

Videos on running topics

Videos on warm-up drills & post-run stretches

Contact me to set up a phone consultation so that we can discuss your goals & set up a timeline to reach your race goals.


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