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In-Home Workout Program

1 Month for $31 

Starts on the 1st of Every Month  

 This program includes daily video workouts (sent directly to your email), weekly grocery list & meal plans, access to a private Facebook group, and monthly challenges to keep you motivated. Every single day you will receive two workout videos: Option #1 is an express 30-minute video and Option #2 is a full 50-minute video. The only equipment that you need for this program is dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a chair or step-stool. You get to choose WHEN you workout. You get to choose WHERE you workout. And you get to choose HOW LONG you workout.

This program is perfect for those looking to tone-up in the comfort of your own home or apartment. If you consistently do the workout videos, and follow along with the suggested meal plan, you will lose body fat, you will tone up, and you will get stronger. During the month, you will receive challenging workouts, weekly nutrition planning, daily accountability &  motivation to help reach your goals. You will have fun, you will get fit, and you will get the results you’ve been looking for…in the comfort of your own home!!


Daily workout video (express option & full option)

Weekly grocery list & meal plan

Daily motivation from your coach

Access to a private Facebook group

Weekly fitness advice videos


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