Number one piece of advice I can give you…EVERY DAMN DAY. As a trainer, as a coach, as a human, it’s the best advice I could ever give someone. You want to lose weight? You have to move more & eat better EVERY DAMN DAY! You want to qualify for the Boston Marathon? You have to work towards it EVERY DAMN DAY! You want to start your own business? You have to spend time growing it and developing it EVERY DAMN DAY. I’m telling you…whatever your goal is, you’re not going to get there by half-assign it. You have to put everything you have, all of your drive & ambition towards it every single second of your day. I promise you, you will not achieve a major goal if you only put in half the work…just ask an Olympic athlete or an entrepreneur or a mom with 4 kids. You cannot be the best at something or achieve something without working on it every.damn.day. Read my tips & suggestions below if you have a goal you want to reach this month, this year, this lifetime. And start today. And then tomorrow. And then next day. And so on. Do it EVERY DAMN DAY until you reach that goal. XOXO, Coach Erika.

Coach Erika’s Tips for Success in Achieving Your Goal(s):
>>>Write your goal down where you will see it every single day. Whether it’s your daily planner, your cell phone screen savor, your bathroom mirror…wherever you write it, make sure it’s one of the first things you see when you wake up & one of the last things you see before you close your eyes to dream at night.
>>>Tell people about it. Don’t keep it a secret. TELL SOMEONE, ANYONE. You can tell a relative, a friend, your spouse, a neighbor, start a conversation with a stranger…literally anyone. When you speak your goal, you hear yourself actually saying it which puts steps into place without even realizing it. Think it, then say it, then start acting upon it.
>>>Do one thing every single day that will put you closer to your goal. For instance, if your goal is to become a yoga instructor on the weekends, start by taking classes at a yoga studio and then journaling about the class when you get home. Then pick up a few books about the topic and start reading about it & researching it. Then maybe start writing down a few sequences and practicing it every morning for 10 minutes. The same steps can be applied to any goal: 1)Start reading about the topic, 2)Start networking with people who already do what you’d like to do & ask to pick their brain or ask them how they got started, 3)Start practicing 10-15 minutes every day by acting out the role.
>>>Dress the part…if your goal is to one day be a nutritionist but you’re eating burgers & fries, drinking, and smoking cigarettes is that getting you closer to your goal? If your goal is to start your own coaching business in the future but you take years to respond back to people and get stuff done, are those things going to get people to trust you as a coach? Whatever your goal is, dress the part by walking the walk and talking the talk…practice what you preach.
>>>Have a plan for each day. Before you go to bed, write down 2-3 things you want to accomplish the next day that are aligned with your goal. For instance, if your goal is to start living a healthier lifestyle, your three things for the next day could be: 1)Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go for a walk or do a workout, 2)Bring my breakfast, snacks, and lunch to work so that I don’t have to eat at a restaurant, 3)Carry a water bottle with me throughout the day and try to drink at least two bottles. Whatever your goal may be, pick no more than three goals to work on each day.
>>>Talk to strangers & seize every opportunity to network. That stranger could be your next best friend or could lead you to something you didn’t even know you were looking for. Try to add at least one stranger or new person to your “network” every day.
>>>Most importantly, get adequate sleep. When you sleep your brain rests and when you rest your brain, it works better when you wake up from your dream…allowing you to make that dream a reality.

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