Strength In Numbers

This week my focus has been on the word & meaning of strength. Strength means so many things to so many people. For instance, to a woman, being strong may mean having the strength to pass up the brownies that your co-worker brought in to work. For a man, being strong may mean the ability to squat 200 pounds. For a pregnant woman, strength may mean having the courage to trust the process and putting faith in God’s hands. For a man who is facing troubled times, strength may mean having the stamina to carry on. When researching the definitions for the word “strong,” I came across the following: “Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.” “Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success.” “Able to withstand great force or pressure. Not easily disturbed, upset, or affected. Showing determination, self-control, and good judgement.” I couldn’t narrow it down to one specific meaning because there truly isn’t a definite meaning of “strong.” It may mean one thing to you today and another to you tomorrow. It may mean one thing to an Olympic power lifter and another thing to an Olympic marathoner. The importance is not what the dictionary defines, the importance is what YOU define. To me, strength comes not only from within ourselves, but also from having a support system that gives us the courage, the faith to keep going. There’s times that you will individually want to give up and surrender but it’s the strength of your support system that helps you to push through. For those of you that want to argue with me on this, try running 800 meter repeats on the track by yourself and then try doing it with someone by your side, pushing you to your limits. It’s true, you do have inner strength, I 100% believe that…BUT you have so much more strength when you allow your support systems to help you find it. Whether it’s weight loss, or a death of a loved one, or a divorce, or the loss of a job…whatever it is, you can get through it alone, but you are so much stronger when you allow your support system to help you fight through it. What does the word strong mean to you?? Is your tribe filled with strong people who lift you higher or are you still letting those toxic people into your life?? When the voice insides your head says “quit, give up, surrender” do you listen to it?? When you encounter a challenge in your life, who do you turn to?? You can fight it alone or you can fight it with people by your side, catching you when you fall, cheering you when you want to quit. It’s a choice, but I prefer strength in numbers. Find your people & love them hard. XOXO, Coach Erika.

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