2017…Delete What Doesn’t Serve You

When setting “New Year” goals some of us choose to add more things into our life…such as “drink more water,” “workout more,” “spend more time calling friends and family,” etc. etc. But what about deleting things from our life?? I’m speaking literally and figuratively. Literally by cleaning the junk food out of your house and donating it to a local food pantry, cleaning out your closets and taking clothes you no longer wear to Goodwill or a shelter, recycling magazines you never read and probably never will read. Figuratively by deleting all the negativity out of your life, choosing to limit your time around the people that are always pessimistic, spending less time on social media. Why are we not deleting more things from our life rather than adding more to our 500 page-long to-do list?? I’m victim just like the rest of you. When I put my pen to paper to compile my 2017 goals, I wrote down twice as many additions than I did deletions….why do we do this?? It could be because we grew up in a time & place more is considered better. BUT have you ever thought about the people who live in countries with so LITTLE, and yet they are completely satisfied?? They don’t buy things they do not need. The buy food to nourish them, not for their “sweet tooth.” They don’t buy in to magazine or game subscriptions. Their closest friends are their family members. And best of all, they don’t spend hours per day on social media because the could care less what the person whom they never met ate for dinner or wore to the movies. I think “deleting” rather than “adding” things to your life this year will help tremendously in all aspects. Check out my list of things below that you can practice deleting from your life this year. Feel free to comment or send me how you’re deleting things in 2017. XOXO, Coach Erika.

>>>>Instead of going to the gym more, delete driving everywhere…bike, walk, run, roller blade, skate board to your destination.
>>>>Instead of adding more water throughout your day, delete soda, juice, coffee, and all those other empty-calorie drinks.
>>>>Instead of add more people to your “network,” build stronger relationships with those already in your network and delete the ones that will not lift you higher. Negativity breeds more negativity so just delete those people from your life or spend less time around them.
>>>>Instead of buying into fad detox juice cleanses, just delete buying and eating junk. You do NOT need to buy a detox juice cleanse to lose weight or feel more energetic, all you need to do is stop eating so much CRAP!
>>>>Instead of adding more Facebook friends and Instagram followers and delete the time you spend on social media. With that time you give up on social media, you could spend it reading a book, writing, cooking, meditating, etc. Seriously though…what did our grandparents ever do without Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter??
>>>>Instead of adding more things to your daily to-do list, delete the time you spend awake at night trying to accomplish these things and get your rest. Your brain and your body need those 7-8 hours to function properly.

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