Flat Belly, Lean Legs, Firm Butt, BLAH BLAH BLAH

What’s going on with the fitness industry now days?? I cannot tell you how many emails I get every day with the subject line “Click here for flat abs,” “Sign up now to get your best body ever,” “Lose 10 pounds in one week,” etc. etc. etc. All of the magazines we read have those same titles… “Tone-up in two weeks,” “Do this detox for a week and lose 6 inches,” “Look better naked by doing these 4 moves,” etc. etc. etc. Frankly I can tell you they are all LIES. You cannot lose 10 pounds in one week, you cannot tone-up in two weeks, you cannot lose 6 inches with a detox, and you cannot look better naked with just 4 moves. And what are they trying to say to the young girls reading the magazines??? That being strong doesn’t matter? That finding an exercise that they actually ENJOY is a waste of time because they are not doing the “4 moves that will make them look better?” If I ever have a daughter, I want her to know that being strong is important…being skinny is not. I want her to know that nothing in life ever comes easy, there’s no magic pill. I want her to find something she enjoys doing and has fun with it…not 4 moves she found in a magazine that promised to give her the “perfect body.” What is the perfect body anyway??

The reason for this ongoing rant about public media (print, audio, and video) is because with all of these New Year programs starting, I want people to know that it’s not a short-term, fast-fix thing…if you truly want to reach a fitness goal, you cannot expect changes in 1 week, 2 weeks, or even a month. It is an on-going, day-in and day-out process. It’s a lifestyle. It’s changing bad habits and replacing them with good habits. You want to lose 10 pounds before your 20 year class reunion?? Cool, but why just for the class reunion?? Why not set your goal as “I’m going to make a lifestyle change to live longer and happier?”

I’ll admit that I’ve been victim to following in suit with those who are selling all sorts of promises “Tone-up in 4 weeks,” “Total-body makeover,” etc. etc. BUT what I AM doing differently from others is creating a COMMUNITY of like-minded people who use my monthly programs to seriously make lifestyle changes. They send me messages daily like “Hey, I’m out for dinner and the menu has this, this, and this, what’s the healthiest option for me to choose?” Or my favorite messages are ones like “My 7-year old daughter saw me doing your workout video this morning and joined me for burpees.” Or another one of my favorites… “My husband and I did your 30-minute workout video together this afternoon.” THOSE are the reasons why trainers should be doing what they do and selling what they sell. So QUIT following the fitness industry norm and START providing an atmosphere of energy, motivation, and a genuine sense of caring. Remember why you wanted to be in the health field in the first place?? Fitness is so much more than hitting that number on the scale…it’s about inspiring, supporting, and motivating others to be better, do more. I wish I could stop magazines and other trainers from selling “detoxes,” “look-better-naked programs,” “flat abs in 3 weeks,” etc. etc. but I can’t. I can only control what I sell. So, with that being said, I promise never try and sell just to sell. I promise to be your coach, your motivator, your friend, your fitness fairy that sprinkles daily motivation on you. XOXO, Coach Erika.

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