New Year, New Goals (I A.M. Possible)

New Year, New Goals (I A.M. Possible)

How is it already January 2017?? Where did 2016 go?? If you’re like me, you’re thinking “There’s so many things I wanted to do and accomplish in 2016 but ran out of time.” With a new year comes new goals and new aspirations. You dream it, you wish for it, but yet you never truly take action towards achieving your goal. That’s what I’m here for…I’m your coach for all things fitness: strength/toning, running, and yoga. I created Amerikan Made with the intention of reaching people who wanted to live healthier but needed the inspiration to get started. Amerikan Made is about working hard & dreaming big. It’s about building a TRIBE of like-minded people who want to take action towards their goals. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough and that’s what 2017 is about.”I A.M. Possible” is a phrase I want you to say to yourself every single day. Are you ready to chase your dreams? Are you ready to work for it? Are you ready to be MADE?!?! Join our tribe for motivation & inspiration.
What’s your fitness goals for 2017???? Mine are the following…

Short-term/Weekly Goals:
STRENGTH GOAL>>>Spend a MINIMUM of 10 minutes everyday strength training.
RUNNING GOAL>>>Run a MINIMUM of 3 days per week (20 miles per week).
YOGA GOAL>>>Practice Yoga MINIMUM of 2x per week. Teach a weekly yoga session either in-person or online.

Long-term/By End of 2017 Goals:
STRENGTH GOAL>>>Be the same weight January 1, 2018 as I am on January 1, 2017. Be able to do 50 pushups without stopping. Collaborate with a local business and/or charity monthly to host a free strength workout.
RUNNING GOAL>>>Run 1,000 miles (or more) this year. Run 4 Half Marathons. Coach 2 Half-Marathon Programs this year.
YOGA GOAL>>>Collaborate with a local business and/or charity monthly to host a free yoga session. Host 4 events with a local business.

Free Weekly Workout

Total-Body 10-Minute Workout

Let’s face it…nobody has time to drive to the gym, do an hour-long workout, drive home, shower, get ready, and still accomplish everything else on our to-do list. That’s why I created ONLINE workout videos that you can do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. All you have to do is press play!!! No weights needed and it’s only 10-minutes. Click here for your FREE weekly 10-minute workout.

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